A Word From Our Founder

Helping you turn your dreams and ideas into action

I believe that a certain chemistry must be obtained in a client relationship to catalyze long-term success. At Braun & Associates, we do not presume to be all things to all people. We do believe, however, that by forming enduring relationships, we can be available for our clients when they need us most. Most of our relationships start over a cup of coffee and lead to an overwhelming feeling of financial security.

I specialize in working with retirees, knowledgeable individuals, and time-pressed business owners in all phases of life and business. I believe that responsible planning for the future is more than asset allocation and insurance contracts. It is my passionate pursuit to bring a global approach to the planning process. Others pay lip service to holistic planning; we bring action. Since 1986, my team and I have been serving the Chicagoland marketplace with innovative solutions and world-class insurance services.

This is your life. This is our passion.

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