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Clients We Serve Best

Proudly Serving People Through Every Season of Life

We have a wide base of knowledge to serve people in every age and stage of life, no matter how complex your planning needs are. We built our practice on 35 years of connecting with people, and we offer an extensive network of top-tier financial professionals around the country. For cases that require highly specialized expertise, we leverage these strategic partnerships to ensure you get the very best service for each of your financial needs. Although our clients are all very unique, most fall into one of three categories:


As managers of our clients’ big-picture plans, we know that there’s an important piece of the puzzle most people miss—and that’s retirement distribution planning. Our team has extensive experience helping you maximize and protect your earnings so you can reach retirement on time, but we also believe it’s important to plan for your post-earning years. We’ve spent years helping retirees manage their finances so you can not only build your financial house, but enjoy the fruits of your labor and leave a legacy long after the project is finished.


Professionals & Families

At Braun & Associates, we help individuals and families develop plans that lead them to their ideal financial landscape. Acting as your financial general contractor, we’re here to help you determine your core needs, then draw up a financial blueprint that shows you how to succeed in building the financial plan that’s right for you. Through strategic, holistic financial planning, our team at Braun & Associates will develop a strategy to help you accumulate and protect your wealth during your income-producing years.



Our firm is committed to helping you prepare for the future, no matter what phase of life you and your business are in now. We’ll work with you help you retain top talent, develop strategic plans to manage cashflow, and prepare you for the future growth or sale of your company. Whether you need assistance developing a more effective tax strategy or you need to create a succession plan for the future, we’ll work with our strategic partners to ensure you have everything you need to grow your business in a way that supports your future goals.