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Our Vision

Leveraging 35+ Years of Expert Connections to Help You Design Your Ideal Future

Engineer working late

If you’ve ever built a house, you know it takes a lot of different professionals to get the job done. From architects to plumbers to electricians and more, many different people will handle one small part of the project, and that’s why you need a general contractor to look after the big picture and bring everything together. You need someone to look at the project in its entirety, understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and make sure you have the right experts doing the right things every step of the way.

At Braun & Associates, you can think of us as the general contractors for your financial world. Our job is to look after the big picture and make sure everything and everyone is working together to help you grow, manage, and protect your wealth through every season of life. Whether you’re just hitting your career stride or you’re getting close to retirement, we’ll help you use your time and resources wisely by developing an effective plan and connecting you to the best experts in the field.

We’ve been overseeing our clients’ financial futures for more than 35 years, so no matter where you are on your financial journey or how complex your needs are, you can count on us to help you build the financial future of your dreams. The average retention of our high net worth clients who have $2 million or more is 39 years.